Our pals

We work with a bunch of talented folk here in East Lothian, and we’d like to introduce some of them …

Emily Hogarth – designer, ‘Woodland’

‘I was so pleased to work on this project with flasket. It combines some of my favourite things – nature, great environmental principles, children’s design and a playful use of artwork on real products.

‘I’m a mum of three and it was an honour to create a design that I know my own children will love – and hopefully many others will too.

‘I drew inspiration for this design from my walks around East Lothian. Here we are so often drawn to the coast, but the woodlands, just a little way inland, are such a magical place too – full of life, wonder and adventure.

‘I wanted to create animal characters that children will enjoy and take along with them on their own adventures. There is a proud-looking fox, a cheeky little hedgehog, a shy field mouse and a jolly hare.

‘These animals are nestled under a canopy of my paper cut leaves and will hopefully make children smile.’


Kate Millbank – designer, ‘Mermaid’

Kate Millbank

‘I was absolutely delighted to be asked by flasket to design artwork for their very first bottle. flasket embodies everything I love about good design with a real environmental ethos at its core.

‘I live by the sea, so I was naturally drawn to the idea of seafaring to inspire my design. It didn’t take long before I was drawing images of ships in bottles, mermaids and sailors’ knots.

‘However, I kept returning to the idea of a mermaid, a symbolic goddess of water and the aquatic world. 

‘I really liked the concept that she would sit proudly on the bottle, embracing and guarding its contents.

‘I made the design as a lino print initially. I transferred the image was transferred from paper to lino and carefully carved it and printed it by hand in my studio.

‘The lino print was scanned as a digital image, from which it could be screen printed onto the water bottle.’


Cheryl Jones – designer, flasket logo

‘I got the initial idea from a doodle by the junior member of the flasket team.

‘I then adapted it to look like the product bottle and tweaked the wavy lines into curls like springs – a play on spring water.

‘Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.’

Cheryl is an illustrator, designer and maker working both in old fashioned dip ink pen and more recently with the more modern process of drawing directly onto a digital tablet.

She creates glorious, bold, funky, fun colourful images, often with a cheeky Scottish twist, which appeal to both children and adults alike.

Her uplifting products range from greeting cards, wall prints, candles to homeware items such as illustrated mugs and tea-towels.


Makers, creators and inspirers

Emma Martin – photographer

From the next village to us, Emma is a superb photographer of people and created our amazing ‘Woodland’ photo shoot.


Clare Little Photography

Clare Little – photographer

Teacher, photographer, Scottish Francophile. Clare took on our product photo shoot for ‘Mermaid’ and we love it!



Bella Bradley – video producer

Bella is a student in Glasgow. She’s a video whizz and set up flasket’s TikTok account.


LiL – environmentalists

These lovely lasses embrace everything we feel strongly about and have supported us from the start – thank you!


The Print Block – printmakers

Our ‘Mermaid’ screen prints were hand-printed by Suki at The Print Block, a specialist studio near Whitstable, Kent.


Elspeth Fawcett – entrepreneur

Our pal Elspeth is amazing! She is a whizz at the financials, sourcing suppliers and starting a new business.