We live, work and play near the coast in East Lothian, Scotland.

Useful, beautiful – sustainable

Our aim is to make things that are loved by their owners; are reusable, not disposable; and help to keep our planet healthy by reducing the use of throwaway plastic.

Our designs

Our first design was ‘Mermaid’ by Kate Millbank, a talented printmaker based in East Lothian.

New for 2021 is ‘Woodland’ by Emily Hogarth, one of Scotland’s leading illustrators.

Find out more about Kate, Emily and all the other amazing people we work with on our Pals page.

Our bottles

Made from food-grade stainless steel, our bottles are safe, easy to clean, reusable and recyclable.

They’re also double-walled so that they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks… well, you know.

Who we are

I’m Mo. I came up with the idea for flasket when I was on a bike ride in the countryside.

It combines my love of eco things with my love of designy things.

I really hope you like it!

We do everything we can think of to make our business sustainable.

Our website is hosted in the UK using 100% renewable electricity. 

Our home/office also uses only renewable electricity.

We minimise our packaging. It is paper-based and recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Most of it is recycled, too.

Sometimes we re-use materials from our suppliers, including polythene bags, rather than throw them away and replace them. We think that makes the most sense.

To find out more about why reusable bottles are a good thing, take a look at our Sustainability page.